Heike Delitz

projects and focal points

Dr. Heike Delitz

University Bamberg
Chair for Sociology II

Research interests

- Sociological theory and history of sociological theory, especially French theory of life and French sociology; Philosophical Anthropology and sociological theory;
sociology of artefacts

- Cultural Sociology, especially sociology of architecture;
sociology of knowledge; methods of cultural sociology


Sociology of architecture

2005-2009 Ph.D. in sociology (»Architecture as medium of the social«) (Gebaute Gesellschaft. Architektur als Medium des Sozialen, Frankfurt/New York: Campus 2010)

www.architektur-soziologie.de (website for sociology of architecture with advices on books and conferences)

since 2006 Member of section Cultural Sociology in German Sociological Association

since 2007 task force sociology of architecture 

2008 Founder member of interdisciplinary junior network »city, space and architecture. sociological perspectives«

2005 Founder member of rundkino dresden e.V. 

French theory of life and French sociology, history of French sociological thought

2010- Habilitation project in sociology about the »effects« of Henri Bergson in French sociological and ethnological thought

17th - 19th of June, 2010, together with Dr. Tanja Bogusz, HU Berlin: Émile Durkheim. Sociology &
Ethnology. International workshop, HU Berlin

since 2007 Member of International
Société des amis de Bergson 

2007 Founder member of International junior network Henri Bergson

Philosophical Anthropology and sociological theory

www.philosophische-anthropologie.eu together with Joachim Fischer, Bamberg/Dresden

2007/2008 »Organic life« and »man«.  Theoretical Biology und Philosophical Anthropology. German-italic research project, with Robert Seyfert (Constance) and Agostino Cera (Napoli), patronised by DAAD/Vigoni

since 2007 Presidium member International Helmuth Plessner Society (HPG)

2004 M.A. with a work about Helmuth Plessner's and Ernst Cassirer's Philosophy of Culture: Die Einheit der Sinne. Ein Versuch zu Plessners »Ästhesiologie des Geistes« am Leitfaden von Ernst Cassirers »Philosophie der symbolischen Formen« [The Unity of the Senses. An Essay about Plessner's 'Ästhesiologie des Geistes' guided by Ernst Cassirer's 'Philosophy of the Symbolic Forms'']

Sociology of artefacts

Artifact theories. Workshop at the Center for Metropolitan Studies, together with Stefan Höhne, 26./ 27. June 2009

Infrastructuralism. Artifact theories II. 
Workshop at the Center for Metropolitan Studies, together with Stefan Höhne, in preparation 2010

diploma thesis (Landesbühnen Sachsen)