Heike Delitz


Dr. Heike Delitz

University Bamberg
Chair for Sociology II

Academic curriculum vitae

Born 1974

1993-1998 studies of architecture at HTW Dresden (FH) (Dipl.-Ing. for Architecture)

1995-1997 work at Olaf Reiter architecture (Dresden-Hellerau)

1998-2004 studies of philosophy and sociology at Technical University Dresden (M.A.)

2005 scientific staff at Technical University Dresden, Chair for Sociological Theory, History of Theories and Cultural Sociology (Prof. Dr. Karl-Siegbert Rehberg)

2005-2008 doctoral scholarship at Technical University Dresden

2006-2009 associated member of the International Graduate College 625 »Institutional Orders, Script and Symbols« Technical University Dresden / E.P.H.E. Paris

2008/2009 scientific staff at chair for Sociology II Otto Friedrich University Bamberg (Prof. Dr. Richard Münch)

April 2009 completion of the PhD at Technical University Dresden (»Architecture as 
Medium of the Social«)

2009 postdoctoral fellow at Otto Friedrich University Bamberg, Sociology (Richard Münch) and Philosophy (Christian Illies)
(research project: »The effects of Bergson in French sociological thought. Aversion, fascination and a paradigm«)

2010-2012 postdoctoral fellow, »Bayerische Eliteförderung«, University Bamberg

2011/12 University Zurich

January 2013 Habilitation in Sociology at University Bamberg (
»The effects of Bergson in French sociological thought«)

2012/13 University Basel

July 2013 P.D. (Privatdozentin), University Bamberg

2014 Interim professurship for General Sciology, especially Sociological Theory, Max-Weber-Institut for Sociology, University Heidelberg

2014/2015 Senior Fellow IKKM Bauhaus University Weimar

2015 Interim professorship for General Sociology, especially Theory of Societies, University Wuppertal